Upon Completion of the AMI Prophetic School you will receive:

  • An invitation to a graduation seminar
  • Certification
  • Temporary Ministerial Credentials
  • The laying on of hands by Apostles Craig and Colette Toach and their Apostolic Team
  • If eligible through qualification, an invitation to continue with us as a Prophetic Trainer or Lecturer Intern

By the end of your training with us, you will be able to do more than just prophesy or interpret dreams - you will be able to lead people into a deeper face-to-face relationship with Jesus, minister to God’s people through praise & worship, bring change in the hearts of the broken with the ministry of inner-healing, and so much more.

Our training does not just teach you how to fulfill the prophetic mandate on your life, it will teach you how to minister to and take others through the process God has ahead of them.

What you will study with us are principles and teachings that are meant to be LIVED, not just heard. You will live each lesson, and God will use your lessons (and personal trainer) to create in you His image to the church. You will no longer just be “you” but Christ’s ambassador to His people.


An extensive two-year curriculum

“Since 1999 we have been training and equipping God’s Prophets into the fullness of their calling, in order for them to step out and do all that God has called them to accomplish.”

- Apostles Craig & Colette Toach

For some prophets who do not have anyone there to help them through this process, prophetic training may take a little longer, but with a trainer at your side and someone to walk you through your training, our curriculum should only take you 16 months to 2 years to complete.

This school is designed to allow the Holy Spirit to train you through your circumstances and personal trainer who will be assigned to you upon acceptance into the Prophetic School.

We have already mentioned it above, but these are the exact points and tools that you can expect to receive throughout the two-year training curriculum ahead of you:

  • A personal trainer to lead you through the prophetic training process

  • Help you to develop a deeper intimacy with Jesus

  • How to minister using visions, and dream interpretation by the Spirit

  • How to identify and confirm the prophetic call

  • Teaching you how to minister in praise and worship

  • How to heal with the ministry of inner-healing

  • Equipping you with elite training in spiritual warfare

  • Arming you for intercession and decree at a prophetic office level

  • Effectively training you to flow in all the gifts of the Spirit

  • Taking you through a transformation from prophetic ministry to prophetic office

  • Helping you to achieve prophetic maturity

  • Shaping you into the vessel of leadership in the Church that you are meant to be

  • Setting you on the path to prophetic office

What an Ami Prophetic School Student Looks Like


We have four main groups of prophets that are trained through our school.

Group 1: The first group consists of ministry leaders or those in the process of establishing their own ministry.

Group 2: The second group consist of students whose pastors sent to us for the purpose of training to equip and prepare them for service in the local church.

Group 3: The third group of students are independent ministers who are in transition, having left their local church and geared towards ministering in the Universal Church.

Group 4: The fourth group consists of pastors whom the Lord has led towards prophetic office.

We also have students whose calls are to begin prophetic schools of their own, and wish to use our system to train others further down the line. We have also had many independent ministers and Prophetic School graduates come on board and become trainers in both our live and online schools.