The Registration Process

(See Registration Form Below)

We suggest that you take some time and consideration with your application. The Prophetic School requires a high level of commitment, maturity, and passion to be successful in all of the coursework. Those qualities should be reflected in your application.

Please Note: An incomplete application or having insufficient information will warrant an automatic decline.

Registering as an Online Student

Within 48 hours of submitting your application, you will be notified by the school principal on the status of your application. If your application is declined, you will be referred to other resources that will help you grow in the Lord.

If your application is approved, you will be invited to schedule a phone interview for the last phase of the application process.

IMPORTANT: It is our school policy that each applicant be required to call in for their interview.

Once your application has been submitted, there are 3 phases to the application process:

Phase 1: Application goes under review

Once you have submitted your application, the Prophetic School Principals will then look it over, and together seek the Lord to see if the school is indeed where God needs you to be to receive the equipping He needs you to go through. Once this is done, you will move on to phase 2.

When they look over your application they will be looking for three things:

a.) The amount of heart (and information) you put into it.
b.) A conviction of your prophetic call.
c.) What your current relationship with the Lord is like.


Phase 2: If approved, you will be contacted for a phone interview

Once the principals approve your application, they will send you an email inviting you to call in for an interview over the phone.

You will then need to schedule a time to call in for your interview.

Note: It is a requirement that each applicant calls in for their interview. If you do not call in at your scheduled appointment, you will then need to reschedule your appointment for another time, as these interviews are very time sensitive and may not have many other openings that would suit your schedule.

Phase 3: Once accepted - you will receive an official welcome letter from the principals of the school.

The Prophetic School Principals will let you know, during your interview appointment, whether or not you have been accepted into the school. If you are accepted, you will be expected to choose a payment plan and make your first payment to officially register you as a student in the school - from there, you will receive an official welcome letter with further information on how to get started with your training.

If you are not accepted during your interview, the principals will work with you to find the AMI School that best suits the training track God has you on right now, or recommend some materials to help prepare you for the training ahead of you.

- Ready to get started? Then fill out the registration form below.

registration form

If you would like to become a student with us, fill out the form below, where our school principals will look it over and get back to you.

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