AMI SAn diego live prophetic school

Apostle Craig and Colette Toach

Apostle Craig and Colette Toach

What are you waiting for? Your prophetic journey is just ahead and everything you need to get started is right here!

Chances are that if your reading this that one you have a prophetic call and two… that road hasn’t been easy!

The call to the Prophetic is universal! Many across the world have been called to lay down their life, to forsake the world they have know, and to pursue Jesus with every ounce of their being!

If you love the Lord with all of your heart, if you have been known to ruffle up feathers, if you regularly take the fight to the enemy and pray on behalf of others then not only is the AMI Prophet School for you but you belong here!

We are invested into you! It is our call to help you fulfill yours, that is why we started the Prophetic School back in 1999 and for 20 years straight, we have been training up Prophets to go out and fight, build, train, and bring the body of Christ to a place of maturity!

If you have even an inkling of a prophetic call then what awaits you will be the greatest gift you have ever received!

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Methods of Training

The Classroom - Live Training

Our doors are open to you! Ever heard of Descanso? I wouldn't blame you if you hadn't! However, if you live near San Diego California then as a Prophetic School student you can join us live for weekly classes and hands on training!

Our Prophetic School program consists of 7 courses that you can expect to complete with in 16 months. Each course is online and is complete with a Video lesson taught by Apostle Colette Toach and a practical project you can apply at home and in the church. Nice and easy, hey? Do the projects online and come in live for a little face to face training.

We cover everything from a face to face relationship with the Lord to Prophetic Warfare and how to take the land! Trust me… there is much MUCH more!

Looking for that one on one training? Well then... you’ve come to the right place! We know how important it is to have someone show you the ropes and to help guide you through your process. That is why it important to us to give you the best trainer suited for you to invest into your life and calling.

What a Typical Live Class is Like

The best part of your training is that it is international! Every week we have live interactive training classes online where a host of trainers from around the world will speak to you and your fellow prophets in training about the grittiest topics not covered in the courses!

Apostle Craig Toach - Live class 2019

Apostle Craig Toach - Live class 2019

So for you live students, that means you will show up every Tuesday at our ministry center to participate in some live training. You will make personal connections with the trainers of AMI and build relationships with the other local students going through the same process as you.

In each class, a trainer from one of our campus sites will stand up and teach on curriculum not covered in the courses themselves. This mean lessons that were created specifically for you and not available anywhere else! Then as the teaching comes to an end, the lecturer will give a project to the students in class where everyone will participate. Now you don't want to miss these lessons because not only have we put our heads together to come up with the most creative projects but again, these projects are not available anywhere else! That's right... off the books!

The Virtual Student - Online training

Can't make it to our live classes? Don't worry!

As I mentioned before all of the courses are online so you don’t have to sell your house and home or uproot yourself to attend our school. You can be forged into the Prophet God has called you to be right where you are.

Do you prefer phone calls, emails, WhatsApp, or video chat? Either one is fine! We want you to feel confident that your training isn't going to be just through a computer screen. When we say live and interactive we mean it! When you call in you will get to speak to your personal trainer and know that we aren't going to put you on hold for 30 minutes.

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Payment Plans

With that being said, I am pretty sure you are curious as to what the payment plans and options are for this training!

We offer a monthly and once of payment plan that includes course material fees, a Personal Marking from Apostle Colette Toach at the end of every course and even your graduation package at the end of the 16 months (Note: this does not include the registration fee for the workshop or seminar that will be held on the same weekend).

You can find out all of the details for these payment plans using the button below:

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Getting Started

Step 1 - Submit a Registration Form

Once you have decided which course of study you want to follow, you are ready to complete the application form.

We want to see you rise up in the fullness of your prophetic call. So, we will commit to you, and in turn, expect you to commit to us.

It's for this very reason that we will take your application and consider it prayerfully. We will seek the Lord on your behalf and see where you are at. We will respond to your application within 48 hours.

Step 2 - Have an Interview & Get Enrolled

Once your application is approved, you will then be invited for an interview either over the phone or through a live FaceTime app called “Zoom”.

If you are accepted during the interview, you will be expected to set up a payment plan to get you enrolled and assign you a personal trainer so we can get you moving in the direction God has for you.

You can contact our local ministry team using the numbers below:

Prophetic School: 858 800 2205

WhatsApp: 619 558 6441

Us In a Nutshell

Some of our Alumni from AMI

Some of our Alumni from AMI

The world is in desperate need of Prophets. They need someone who is going to teach them how to have a face to face relationship with the Lord and someone who is going to tell them where they belong.

They need someone who is going to choose faith, hope, and love as their weapons of warfare and someone who is going to lay down the spiritual foundation with prayer and decree.

You have the potential to represent Christ and to be the Prophet the Body of Christ needs… all we want to do is help you get there!