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The Way of Dreams & Visions Symbol Dictionary (2017 Edition Book)
The Way of Dreams & Visions Symbol Dictionary (2017 Edition Book)

The Prophetic Warfare Course

Dealing with satan and spiritual warfare as a Prophet should!

Not only does the prophet carry a high level of spiritual authority, but he is also called to tear down satan's kingdom.

This course will give you...

  • The armour you need to face any level of demonic power.
  • You will come to understand how satan works, the levels of his operation and how to overcome him.
  • Discover your authority in Christ
  • Engage in spiritual warfare at the highest level.
  • The ability to handle demonic manifestations and bondages in others.

Do not take this course lightly! You will also discover that a phase of your training involves a period of deception. Learn for yourself how to identify and overcome deception in your prophetic walk.

Prophetic Warfare Course Lessons:
Prophetic Warfare Lesson 1: Prophetic Warfare 101
Prophetic Warfare Lesson 2: Satan’s Battlefield
Prophetic Warfare Lesson 3: How Satan gains license.
Prophetic Warfare Lesson 4: Deliverance and dealing with Demon manifestations
Prophetic Warfare Lesson 5: Engaging in spiritual warfare in Intercession
Prophetic Warfare Lesson 6: Our position in Christ
Prophetic Warfare Lesson 7: Taking away satan’s power
Prophetic Warfare Lesson 8: Using the Word as a weapon in spiritual warfare
Prophetic Warfare Lesson 9: How the angels assist in spiritual warfare.
Prophetic Warfare Lesson 10: Strategies of Spiritual Warfare
Prophetic Warfare Lesson 11: Using every aspect of your spiritual armor
Prophetic Warfare Lesson 12: How to handle demon possession correctly
Prophetic Warfare Lesson 13: Combining counseling and bringing deliverance effectively
Prophetic Warfare Lesson 14: Prophetic Deception (Phase of Training)
Prophetic Warfare Lesson 15: Avoiding Deception
Prophetic Warfare Lesson 16: Simple ways to identify deception in your own revelation and others.

Prophetic Warfare Course Reviews:

"I learned about the strategies of satan's kingdom. I learned more than I ever did in Bible College. I recommend this because you will learn the true meaning of deliverance."

C. B. United States

This is the best instruction I have every heard on spiritual warfare. You will sense the authenticity in the delivery that validates the authority of the author. No left overs or second hand revelation here, Five stars.

M.T.R United States

Took this dourse Several Years Ago and as I recieved the teaching...... along with it came such an anointing. Powerful!

It is such a blessing as I listened to this video I realize I need to go back and dig out this course and take it over. 

There is such a hunger in my spirit to be filled again with the knowledge and anointing that comes with this course. 

May the Lord continue to bless your ministry in setting Christ's Body free. This is an excellent course.

J. B United States

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Prophetic Warfare Course