Let's Work on Our Relationship!

Your Apostles checking in on ya…

Your Apostles checking in on ya…

Alrighty students… LISTEN UP! You got it, this is your apostle giving you a shout out. We have been chatting back and forth on WhatsApp and there is no doubt in my mind that you have heard my comments and outbursts every Tuesday morning in live class! (You guys are the ONLY ones that get burned in those lessons. Help me Lord!!)

Its been a while since I dropped you guys a line, so this is me, saying hello and also extending you a bit of help with your training.

If you don’t already know it, your training is as important to us as it is to you. In fact, I CHALLENGE YOU to find another prophetic (or any ministry training) school that invests one on one as we do. What I would like to think is that what sets our training apart is the RELATIONSHIPS we build during your process.

Your LECTURER SUPERHEROES! Ready to save the day!

Your LECTURER SUPERHEROES! Ready to save the day!

Come now… anyone can purchase the kits and just go through the lectures, but I realize that more than teachings and principles, what Craig and I along with our incredible team of lecturers have to offer you… is ourselves!

So with that being said, I just wanted to take a moment to WORK ON OUR RELATIONSHIP! This is a bit of a rundown then of what you can expect from this school and what benefits you also might be missing out on. So follow me closely!

Project Submissions and Markings

What is a good number of projects to submit. At present I am marking projects for an exclusive group enrolled in the Today’s Apostle Course on AMI Campus. This has renewed my convictions that projects should come through nice and steady!

  • For Module 1: Submit 1-2 projects per week for Module 1 of the Prophetic School and

  • For Module 2: Submit 1 project per week.

This sets a nice steady pace for you and your trainer. Keep in mind peeps… you are not your trainers ONLY student. Not only that, if you rush through your training, think about how you limit this personal interaction and relationship time!

Are you taking too long to submit your projects? You risk the loss of connection to your trainer. When you finally do drop them a line, this leaves them scurrying off to our student history to try and remember what you said in your previous submission. RELATIONSHIP RELATIONSHIP RELATIONSHIP - it cuts both ways! You keep it steady and so will we!


Your trainer LOVES hearing from you! We have some students who correspond to their trainers every day, while others send out a “call for help” only when they need it. Both work for us, but do keep in mind that in addition to marking 1-2 lessons from you a week are also only able to respond to one correspondence a week, ok? See that neat little relationship boundary we just set?

You got it - I just put pressure on you AND on your trainer! (Sneaky, I am! :))

Live Student/Lecturer Catch Ups

Some trainers have a regular weekly live catch up with their students via phone or video Zoom. This live interaction has connected us all in a powerful way! Just a note for those that have these live weekly catch-ups:

  • Write and save your questions for the weekly live catch up instead of sending daily correspondence. This way, your trainer can work with you, hands-on ok?

  • Come ready to share what is going on in your life. These catch-ups are for connection and impartation!

  • We hate it when this happens… but sometimes things just HAPPEN at our ministry center and your trainer has to re-schedule a catch-up. Don’t give them too much of a hard time guys because more often than not it’s my fault, cause I called a meeting or God needed us to pray. So feel free to shout at me if this happens!

Final Projects - This is What the Apostles Think…

I have been personally marking all final projects of all monthly paying students. All I can say is… I LOVE IT! Our students really do submit a good project. I love the effort you guys are putting into these. I look forward to marking them and seeing your growth. Just one suggestion.

Keep in mind that I have not taken you through the entire course, so do not be afraid to add a bit more personality and details in your final projects that you think I might need to know. Help me help you ok?

Live Class

All Alumni and monthly paying students… I am just loving the weekly live interaction with you! In case you did not know it, you qualify to attend these weekly classes. (Make sure that you are on the WhatsApp list to get the link each week)

I am loving the relationships that are being built amongst students. For those that attend regularly - keep in mind that you should select “All Panelists and Attendees” when commenting. We encourage comments and question-asking. Your trainers love hearing your “voice” during these sessions.


What You Can Expect From Your Trainer and Me

  • To mark 1-2 projects a week from Module 1

  • To mark 1 project per week from Module 2

  • To answer one correspondence a week from you.

  • For your trainer to be available for video and telephone catch-ups (usually bi-weekly)

  • For any of our ministers to be available to you for personal ministry, inner healing and counseling.

  • Our hearts - we hold nothing back from you. We WANT to see you succeed!

  • You get the final marking from me for each course. For your FINAL lesson of the entire school, please submit both lesson AND Thesis (Found in the Prophetic Office Student Manual) for marking.

What We Expect From You

  • Submit those projects at a good pace

  • DO NOT submit an ENTIRE course all at once. If you did that entire course in a week, we will fail you. If you “collected” all your projects and just submitted them all at once, they will still only be marked once a week - so might as well submit correctly.

  • To be open to learn

  • To BE REAL! If you disagree, feel something is coming up in your training, let us know ok?

  • To either attend the live classes or to watch the recording later if you couldn’t be there

  • To make sure your monthly payments come out on time. (Nagging is NOT fun for any of us)

I know this was a bit lengthy, which is why I posted it to the Prophetic School blog page, so that you can revisit it again at any time!

Got questions? Then shout out! Reply to this email, call in or connect with your trainer.

Think about this guys…

You have an incredible support system here. One that not many have the opportunity to be a part of. You no longer need to figure this call out on your own. Then, when you finally walk the stage at graduation, you get to embrace an entire group of peers, friends and like-minded believers who will continue to be there to see you through.

So make the most of this time. Your training will not last forever, so in amongst the frequent calls to the cross, take time to enjoy this process ok? Take everything you can out of it, because our greatest accomplishment is seeing YOU rise up and take everything we have invested into you and USING IT!

See you right after we return from Virginia in two weeks. PRAY PRAY PRAY and do warfare ok? Send us off to the East Coast with a warm AMI Prophetic School FIRE!

Love you TONS!

Craig and Colette Toach

Apostles and Spiritual Parents

Apostolic Movement International