1. Can I obtain credits if I completed some of your courses on previous systems?

Yes, we will allow previous students to obtain credentials for courses fully completed in Fivefold Ministry-Campus, under the condition that they were registered students. (Only purchasing and reading the text-book does not qualify).

2. Is there a time limit in which I must do the courses?

No, you are welcome to take as long or as quickly as you like to complete your courses. Your progress lies in your own hands.

3. How much time will each course take me to do?

Each course will take in the region of 3-4 months to complete. This of course depends on the pace you choose and if you also choose to do more than one course at a time.

4. How many courses can I do at a time?

You have the liberty to do as many courses at a time as you would like. However for you to obtain full ordination, you have to submit your thesis and have received credits for Module 1.

5. If after purchasing or starting a course I decide to stop can I ask for a refund? What is your policy on refunds?

Refunds are NOT given for registration fees or for any course or full modules that you have paid for. So please ensure that you intend to follow through when enrolling. However, we do offer refunds for any Study Kits that are unopened and returned. (In the case of refunds for study kits, please note that the refund will not include the original cost of shipping as the return was not in our error)